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Update 20 July 2021

Guidance on appeals

Year 11 Results day letter

Year 13 Results day letter

Update 25 June 2021

Assessment Evidence used in the Awarding of Grades in 2021 – Y11

Assessment Evidence used in the Awarding of Grades in 2021 – Y13

Update 21 May 2021

Crossley Heath School Centre Policy for determining teacher assessed grades – Summer 2021

Update 01 April 2021 / End of term dates for Year 11 and Year 13

Traditionally at this time of year we write to parents of year 11 and year 13 informing them of the exam timetable, and the arrangements for the last day of classroom learning and the commencement of study leave. However, this year the needs of the cohort will be different. The approach to awarding GCSE and A level grades this year requires schools to submit grades by 18 June 2021. Allowing time for marking, moderation and administrative checks this effectively means that any work completed after the May half term would not form part of the evidence base for centre assessed grades. Therefore the last day of full time education for Y11 will be Friday 28th May. Similarly for Y13 the final day of school will be Thursday 27th May.
In line with government guidance the school will continue to provide support for effective student progression to the next stage of their education.

For Year 11:
• Bridging work, designed to support students’ transition between GCSE and A level studies will be provided by each department. It will ensure that key concepts and important skills are practised and consolidated prior to the commencement of A level courses. This work will be released in two tranches in early June and early July. Students can and should access this work via the school website. The 6th Form team will contact all students holding offers for our 6th form next half term. We feel that this bridging work is of value to all Y11 students moving on to A level study and those moving on to other providers are still encouraged to access these resources and use them as part of their preparation for next year.
Other providers usually make similar arrangements for those students joining them in September.
• Careers support will continue to be available for those students who have not yet secured a 6th form place, apprenticeship or employment for next year.
• Pastoral support and advice will still be available. Should, you require any support for pastoral issues, please contact Mr Donlan or Mr O’Connor.

We would also strongly encourage Year 11 students to participate in the National Citizenship Scheme which runs each summer. Crossley Heath students who have participated in the past have found the scheme to be hugely enjoyable and beneficial. Details can be found at:

For Year 13:
• For students progressing to university, we advise that they explore and complete the prior reading provided by the institution or spend time reviewing key concepts from the A level pertinent to the course they will be studying next year.
• Careers support will continue to be available to those applying for apprenticeships or employment from September. Students should contact Mrs Doig if they need assistance in this matter.
• As usual, support with university entry and the clearing process will be available from the 6th form team throughout results week (Tuesday 10th August onwards).
• Pastoral support and advice will still be available. Should students require any support for pastoral issues, please contact Miss Rudman.

If you require any further information on these plans, please contact the relevant Progress Leader for your child’s year group.

Update 22 March 2021 / Update on GCSE and A levels in 2021

Please see the three documents below for your attention:

Awarding of GCSE and A Level grades in 2021
Year 11 Assessment Window 1 (Spring)
Year 13 Assessment Window 1 (Spring)


Update 9th March 2021 / Update on GCSE and A levels in 2021

Dear parent / carer

On 25th February Ofqual and the Department for Education issued guidance on how schools are to award grades this year in the absence of a national exam series. The guidance has far reaching implications for schools and we are currently developing detailed plans which we will share with you in due course.

We appreciate that students and their families will be keen to plan and prepare themselves and with this in mind we would like to inform you of the following decisions for Year 11 and Year 13:

• No new GCSE or A level content will be delivered in lessons from now until students’ grades are submitted. Teaching will focus on consolidation and revision of previously taught topics and concepts.
• Students in subjects where there is a Non-exam Assessment (coursework) should continue to work on this with a view to completion by Easter (later in May in the case of GCSE Art & Design).
• There will be a series of Spring Assessments which will take place under exam conditions. The majority of these assessments will take place after the Easter holidays in the week commencing 19th April.
• A limited number of Y11 Spring Assessments will take place before Easter in the week commencing 29th March. These will be in:
o English – a reading paper and a Macbeth paper
o Maths – a calculator and a non-calculator paper
o Modern Languages – a listening test in French / German
There will be no Y13 Spring Assessments before Easter.
• A further Summer Assessment series will take place in May .

Exact dates and a timetable of assessments will be provided once they have been finalised. In the meantime we thank you for your patience and would ask that you refrain from requesting more detail as we will communicate this to you as soon as we are in a position to do so.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you that given staff’s role in determining grades this year teachers in school must follow strict guidelines and we would ask that students and parents do not contact teachers or pastoral leaders to discuss grades. Exam boards have been clear that students / parents must not try to influence or seek to influence grades in any way as this could be seen as malpractice or maladministration.

I hope to share more details with you soon and would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

Jonathan Brownlie – Deputy Head (Achievement)



Update 3rd March / Ofqual Consultation

Last week Ofqual published the decisions it has made following its public consultation on the awarding of GCSE and A level grades this year. The school is giving careful consideration to these decisions and we will communicate our plans in due course. You can read about the Ofqual decisions at: How qualifications will be awarded in 2021 – GOV.UK (