Y6-7 Transition Update – 7th June 2021

At this current time my colleagues and I are working hard to provide the best possible transition for your child and we are very much looking forward to welcoming all of our new Year 7 students into our school community.  Our transition planning must adhere to the guidance set out by Public Health England (PHE).  The current PHE guidance states that; If transition events are to go ahead before the end of term with students returning to their primary school, secondary schools should protect existing primary school bubbles.  We have seventy primary feeder schools this year and sadly we do not have the resources to be able to meet the PHE guidance to hold a face to face Transition Day on Friday 2nd July on this basis.

If we cannot hold our face to face transition events, we will be running a virtual programme and more information about these plans will be published closer to the time.

The government and local authorities are due to review their roadmap out of covid restrictions on June 21st.  Should PHE guidance to schools allow, we intend to go ahead with our face to face Transition Day.  More precise information about this event will be published once we are informed that we can go ahead.  For now, I would ask parents/carers to consider making travel arrangements for your child to attend on Friday 2nd July.  Children will need to be at school by 8:25am and will need collecting at 3:15pm.  They should attend school in their primary school uniform.

We will continue to build up useful content on Y7 Transition web pages during this half term.  To access this platform please visit our school website and select ‘Transition to Year 7’ from the school information drop down menu.

Your transition packs will be sent out this week and it is important that you read through the contents carefully as there are some actions for you to take on behalf of your child.

I am also able to announce that we will be running an exciting summer school programme for our new Year 7 students from 16th – 20th August.  More details about this free opportunity will be available on our website and in the parent pack.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.