House System

The house system at Crossley Heath is a vibrant and fun element to life at Crossley Heath and remembered with fondness by our former students

All students – and staff – are allocated to one of the four houses: Kings, Queens, Savile and Porter. Each House has its own identity, colours, House Captains and team of officials. The elected position of House Captain is well sought after each year and students develop real leadership skills as they take on responsibility for organising the many competitive events that take place over the school year.

Events are varied from academic to creative to sporting and there is something for everyone to enjoy. In September each house launches a fund raising event to sponsor the education of a child in India. In October Years 7 to 9 compete and cheer on their fellow competitors at the ever popular House Swimming Gala at Halifax Pool. Later in the year the House Drama competition is a favourite of many of the students and staff. Captains are responsible for organising scripts, rehearsals, costumes and scenery. The plays are performed to fellow students and the two judged best go on to an evening performance where family and friends can come and support them. Porter House won the competition in December 2019 with their creative adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. In the spring term, older students take part in a House Debating competition and in the summer term house sporting activities and Sports Day are an integral part of school life. The House Music competition – and especially the evening Finals – is a highlight of the academic year enjoyed by students, staff and parents.

Student merits also count towards the overall house competition and at the end of each academic year the House Trophy is presented to the victorious house in a final whole school assembly.

The house system is firmly embedded into school life at Crossley Heath and students often refer to their house as their ‘family’. Students bond well through regular assemblies and the system encourages students of all ages to develop friendships.

Due to Coronavirus, some of these will not take part in the short term or maybe adapted to comply with guidance. New and alternative events will be introduced in order to retain the vibrancy of the house ethos.