Information on Consent

At The Crossley Heath School we take consent and safety very seriously. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we need your permission for:

Biometrics: The school uses this information about your child as part of an automated (i.e. electronically-operated) recognition system. This is for the purposes of catering and door access into school.

Photograph Student: The school may from time to time take photographs or make any video recordings of your son/daughter on school trips and other events to share in school and may post on our website, social media and include in any marketing publications.

Sharing photo data with school photo company:  The school uses a professional company to obtain a copy of each class and student photograph for the purposes of maintaining historical and current school records. These photos with your consent can be shared with the professional company so that you can order a copy.

Receive 3rd Party emails for fundraising: Gives us your permission to share your email address with any of our fundraising partners, for example the CHA and Rugby fund.

Receiving school marketing emails: Gives us your permission to send you any school marketing emails regarding events such as the Craft Fayre.