Key Policies and Statements

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16-19 Bursary PolicyThe 16 to 19 Bursary Fund provides financial support to help students overcome specific financial
barriers to participation so they can remain in education
Accessibility PlanThis plan is currently under review
Admissions PolicyFind out how Year 7-11 places are allocated
Admissions Policy Post 16 Find out how Post 16 places are allocated
Allergen & Anaphylaxis Policy Information regarding our approach to minimising the risk of anaphylaxis occurring whilst at school
Attendance Policy Outlines our schools attendance strategies, monitoring and responsibilities.
Careers Policy
Careers education and guidance should help students develop skills, attitudes and abilities which enable
them to be effective in a variety of occupations and roles.
Charges and Remissions Policy
Information regarding our approach to charging for curricular and extra-curricular activities
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Outlines the responsibility of all staff, parents, volunteers and governors to ensure that students are protected, safeguarded and supported in their education
Collective Worship Policy Collective Worship at this school is an inclusive and meaningful activity/occasion that caters for the diversity of beliefs and points of view of the whole school community.
Complaints Policy
Sets out clear procedures to be followed by all in the event of a complaint
COVID-19 Catch Up premium 2020-2021 Information regarding how the COVID-19 Catch Up premium 2020-2021 was used.
Curriculum Policy Shows how we ensure student learning needs are identified and individual learning targets are set
Debt Recovery Policy Documents how the school takes reasonable measures to collect debts as part of its management of public funds in order to reduce any loss of income to the school.
Drugs and Substance Abuse Policy States the schools approach to drug education and any issues related to the use of drugs
Equality Policy and Procedure Brings together all previous policies, schemes and action plans around equality including those that we had previously for Race, Gender and Disability.
Exams Policy This policy covers how the school manages public examinations.
Freedom of Information Policy States how we fulfil our duty under the Freedom of Information Act and how we address requests for information
Granting Access to Education and Training ProvidersThis policy statement sets out the school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to students at the school for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer.
Health and Safety Policy Information regarding how we manage Health and Safety in school for all staff and students
Inclusion and Equalities Policy How we ensure everyone who is part of our community can easily understand, access, feel part of and benefit from all that school can offer
Information Rights: Privacy Notice Details of how we use pupil personal information
Information Rights: Privacy Notice for the School Workforce Staff right to be informed about how the school uses personal data
Information Rights: Privacy Notice for the Ex Alumni and FriendsDetails of how we use personal information of Ex Alumni and Friends
Information Rights: Subject Access Request ProcedureGuidance on how individuals may request information related to the data protection principles
Information Rights: Data Protection Policy The policies we have in place to keep the personally identifiable information we hold in school safe
Information Rights: Compliant Records Management PolicyHow long we store pupil and other data for
Parent and Visitor Code of ConductCode of practice intended to ensure that we share a common expectation and understanding in relation to the behaviour of parents and visitors.
Pupil PremiumPupil premium strategy statement
Relationships and Sex Education Policy States how we communicate the manner in which Sex and Relationship education will be delivered in school
SEND Policy Shares how we support students of all abilities and our approach to young people with SEN
Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) This policy outlines the framework for The Crossley Heath School to meet its duty in providing and ensuring a high quality of education to all of its pupils, including pupils with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties, and to do everything it can to meet the needs of pupils with SEMH difficulties.
Student Support and Behaviour Shares how we provide individual support, monitoring and guidance to students
Uniform Policy Provides parents and students, a clear and common understanding of what is required in the wearing of a school uniform
Whistleblowing PolicyThe aim of this policy is to encourage staff to report suspected wrongdoing as soon as possible, in the knowledge that their concerns will be taken seriously