Department of Religious Studies

Do you enjoy using analytical skills, undertaking discussions and debates and working in groups? Would you like to develop outstanding independent research skills? If the answer is yes, then an A Level in RS is the course for you. The course focuses on the themes of Philosophy, such as predestination and free will. In the theme on Religion and Ethics, we cover the influence of ethical thought on society. The third theme is a study of Buddhism in the modern world.

Our objective is to encourage our students to develop an extensive knowledge of belief and critically reflect on what it means to be human. Students are taught to explore issues within and across faiths, with the intent to understand different religions, values and traditions and their influence on individuals, communities and cultures.

Religious Studies plays a key role in promoting social cohesion and the virtues of respect and empathy, which are important in our diverse society.

It is intellectually challenging and personally enriching. We teach our students the key skills and knowledge required to enable them to succeed highly in all exams, whether internal at KS3 or external for GCSE and A Level.


Religious Studies

“We have high aspirations for our students in Religious Studies, providing an environment where students can explore personal questions of meaning and engage with the profound issues which face our community, society and the world.”

Mrs S Schofield (Department Leader)