The Archives

The Learning Resource Centre houses much of the schools’ collections of archives, from Heath, Crossley and Porter, and Crossley Heath Schools. The material is varied but includes many photographs and documents and also school magazines, artefacts. We are happy to add to our collection and welcome donations.

Enquiries are welcomed via post or email and will be answered as soon as the busy school schedule allows.

Crossley Heath School 1985 – today
Collection includes photographs, documents, yearbooks. Early photographs (1985-1994) are in short supply.

Crossley and Porter 1864 – 1985.
Collection includes photographs, documents, complete set of the Crossleyan magazine, journals from 1864 – 1950 (sort of scrap book of school life), and other material. These are not necessarily complete, nor will the source references be understood by those outside Crossley Heath School. However, they exist as a starting point for those researching students or teachers of the school. We are very happy to answer queries which may arise (see above).

Heath School– includes photographs, documents, maps, some Heathen magazines, and other material.