Sixth Form Virtual Open Event: Business

Business A-level is suitable for students who want to look specifically at how businesses seek to operate and thrive in the face of rapidly changing markets and economic conditions.

The course explores how business leaders make informed choices and develop strategies to meet consumer tastes and preferences within their markets in the UK and overseas. In Year One, students are introduced to the concept of marketing and consider how firms raise finance and manage their resources effectively. They also consider the role of leadership and the impact of competition alongside an appreciation of economic developments.

In Year Two, students explore the importance of strategic planning, decision making and managing change alongside consideration of developments in global markets.

Entry Requirements

No prior study of Business Studies is necessary. A grade 5 in Mathematics and English is required.

“A current and relevant subject, inspiring students to critically explore the decisions taken by individuals, businesses and national governments in our rapidly changing world, whilst also considering the impact these choices on society. We encourage leadership, curiosity and an independent mindset in an aspirational learning environment.”

Mr M Schofield (Department Leader)