Year 7 – Meet your Pastoral Leaders

Mr Spencer – Year 7 Transition Leader

Welcome. My name is Mr Spencer and I am the Progress Leader for year 7 and KS3 transition leader. I have been working at Crossley Heath for nearly 10 years and still love every day.

You are joining an amazing school with an amazing community. My role is now to help you get ready for the big adventure that is starting Secondary School. Working along side Mrs Griggs we will try to get to know you and prepare you for life with us here at Crossley Heath.

Over the coming months we will be in touch about events going on to introduce you to Crossley Heath. We will be contacting your primary schools and parents to get to know more about you. We will also ask you to complete a project to tell us more about what makes you the amazing young person you are.

As a pastoral team we aim to work with Parents/career and other supporting adults to create a ‘team around the child’ to get you started on this new part of your journey.

I look forwards to meeting you and getting to know more about our new Crossley Heath pupils.

Mrs E Griggs – KS3 Pastoral Lead

My name is Mrs Griggs, and I am the KS3 Pastoral Lead.  I also work as part of the schools dedicated Wellbeing Team.  I have worked at Crossley Heath School for the past 10 years.

As the KS3 Pastoral Leader, I have responsibility for the pastoral care of Lower School students, this includes Year 7 and 8.  My main priority is to support our younger students to find solutions to any challenges they may be experiencing and to help celebrate their achievements.

Being part of the Wellbeing Team involves supporting our students emotional and mental health. I have undertaken a range of qualifications and professional development experiences to build resilience and self-care strategies with students, including mindfulness training and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).

When not at work, I love spending time with my children, enjoy watching my son play football at the weekends and spending time with my grandchildren and making memories with them. I also keep active by going to the gym and walking.

Mr C Davis – Associate Assistant Head Pastoral

My name is Mr Davis.  I am the Associate Assistant Head Pastoral.  I have worked at Crossley Heath for nearly 20 years and, needless to say, thoroughly enjoy my role in supporting our wonderful students through their transition to our school community.  I will be working alongside Mr Spencer, our Year 7 Progress Leader, and the rest of our Pastoral Team to ensure that all students gain confidence and feel excited to join our amazing school community in September.  My pastoral philosophy has always been to work with parents/carers and other supporting adults to create a ‘team around the child’ that can pull together to allow our students to grow to be confident, happy learners that can make the most of their potential.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Mrs Barker – Health Care Assistant

Hello, my name is Mrs Barker, I am Crossley Heath’s Healthcare Assistant and Student Support.  It is my responsibility to assess the medical and welfare needs of both students and staff and administer front line first aid.  I have experience of working with children of all ages and have taught 16 to 18 year olds. My early career was within the sport and fitness industry and I have also worked as a Registered Dental Nurse in an NHS practice. I hope to draw on these experiences to promote good health and wellbeing at Crossley Heath.

Outside of work I am a mum of 2 and I love spending time with my family and friends. My hobbies include riding my motorbike and doing karate, both of which I thoroughly enjoy.