Year 7 – Meet your tutor

7A – Mrs Griffiths

Hello 7A!

The A stands for “awesome” because, of course, we will be the most awesome form in Year 7.

I am Mrs Griffiths; I will be your form tutor from September. Firstly, welcome to the school I am sure you cannot wait to start, my youngest son will also be going into year 7 this year and he is very excited to join his big brother at high school.

I have been a science teacher for a very long time, I think it’s 17 years now!! I have only worked at Crossley Heath for one year, so I am still learning things about the school. I have really enjoyed been a part of the Crossley Heath family.

Here is a little more about myself so you know what to expect: I like running ,cycling and generally being outdoors when the sun is shining; I have had to start enjoying gardening too, otherwise we would be living in a jungle. I really enjoy spending time with my children, although they seem less inclined to spend time with me as they are growing up!

I cannot wait to meet you all!

7B – Miss Fern 

Hello 7B,

My name is Miss Fern and I will be your Form Tutor when you start at Crossley Heath School in September. Due to the current circumstances, we won’t have been able to meet on Transition Day in July as we would have normally done. However, I don’t want you to worry about this as we will all get to meet together in September and get to know one another. Everyone in the form will be new and feel excited, scared or anxious (or a mixture of all) on their first day.

I have worked at Crossley Heath School for over twelve years and I teach History and English. Throughout my time at Crossley Heath I have made lots of friends amongst the staff and got to know the school well. Over time, you too will forge life- long friendships and make memories that will stay with you long after you leave.

One of my favourite aspects of the school is the house system. I am in Savile House and I love seeing the house spirit as students from all year groups pull together to work as a team. I am an avid reader and so will be encouraging and promoting reading as part of our form tutor time. My love of  History prompted me to study it at degree level and means I love watching films and reading books with a historical element and love teaching about the past. One of my favourite quotes is from Theodore Roosevelt who said “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” I have many interests and hobbies and look forward to getting to know you and your interests when we meet in September. See you then!


7C – Mrs Henson

Hello 7C!

Welcome to your new form! I am Mrs Henson and I will be your form tutor. I know this has been a difficult couple of months and the fact we are not able to meet properly before you start in September means that some of you may be feeling a bit more apprehensive and anxious. But I really want to reassure you that you are going to have a wonderful time at Crossley Heath. You will make some lovely friends and there really isn’t anything to worry about.

You will see me everyday during tutorial periods and I am here to make sure you are happy, you settle in well and enjoy your time at school. Therefore if you have any problems you can come and talk to me (I also enjoy general chats too though!).

A little bit about me; I teach Art and Design and have been at Crossley’s for 10 years now and usually have a KS3 form. I love to travel, read, draw and take photos although most of my time at the moment is spent watching Peppa Pig with my 2 year old daughter!

7D – Mr Todde-Wilson

Well 7D. My message to my lovely new form is: it’s going to be great! You’re at the start of an amazing journey and what happens next is going to be vital to your progress in life.   Here is where you’re going to make new friends, discover new things, develop new interests and become an amazing person (whilst continuing to build on your past friendships, interests & activities)! I can’t wait to meet you so I can say, “I was there – at the start!”

So, what about me?   I’m mad for long-distance, trail & fell-running: I love running up and down hills & mountains in all conditions… and am delirious when scrambling over and above high mountains.   I love walking with my wife, friends and family, camping, gardening, swimming, cycling. I once believed I could play a guitar – had some lessons and then gave up… so, rubbish guitar-player can go on the list (along with ‘enemy-of-rubbish-pop-music-it’s-rock-for-me-thank-you-very-much’).

I live with Mrs Todde-Wilson (who also teaches here) and 5 cats (who don’t teach here). I teach English. But most of all – I’m your new form-tutor and for the next 2 years, I’ll be one of your ‘go-to’ people. I’ll be there to help you settle in & deal with any hiccups (though there aren’t usually many of those) along the first part of your bigger journey. So welcome to you all… and let’s all get together soon! Have a GREAT summer – try and do something new and fun…. And I’ll see you in September!

7E – Mr Barber

Hi everybody,

It’s me …Mr Barber. I’m going to be your form tutor throughout Years 7 and 8. You’ve probably got stacks of questions but let me reassure you,  you’re going to be fine. I’ve been a Year 7 and 8 form tutor for 8 years at Crossley Heath and it’s one of the best parts of my job when I get to meet new students and help them settle into our fabulous school.

I’ll be teaching you Design and Technology which is a really creative and practical subject. You design it, you make it, simple!

Outside of school I like to keep active and enjoy running for a local running club and cycling.

I look forward to meeting you all.

7F – Miss Turner

Hello 7F!

I am Miss Turner and I will be your form tutor from September. Firstly, congratulations and welcome to Crossley Heath. I am sure you are all very excited to start, some of you will be nervous and I know how that feels as I am also new to Crossley Heath. I did my teacher training here last year and loved it so much I came back! I’m certain you’ll love it just as much.

I teach Geography which I think is the greatest subject in the world! When I’m not teaching people about the world we live in, I love exploring it. I also enjoy playing my guitar and watching football. I can’t wait to meet you all in September!