Business Studies & Economics

Through studying either the Economics or Business course, our students develop a broad range of skills which are essential for them to take to the next stage of their studies. These include the ability to interpret data and statistics effectively, whilst also making informed value judgements based on sound analytical reasoning and critical evaluation.

We encourage students to challenge accepted principles and develop an inquisitive perspective which extends across politics, culture, geography and social behaviour.  Our students explore the real-world application of economic theory and business models.

A range of resources, including the use of our suite of surface tablets, guest speakers and our reflective taught curriculum enable our students to investigate the economic impact of change, political policies and business ideals; all within the context of culture and society.

Edexcel Economics ‘B’ – Course Description

Economics is a behavioural science, suitable for students who want to explore ways in which daily choices made by individuals, businesses and national governments influence our lives.

In Year One students will explore:

  • The nature of economics – the basic economic problem (scarcity, wants and needs).
  • How markets work, consumer choices and the role of businesses/enterprise in the economy, including the importance of revenue, profit and cash flow.
  • How businesses grow and ways to increase productivity,
  • Government objectives and the policy tools used to influence economic growth.
  • Aspects of life in a global economy.

In Year Two students explore more broadly and analytically:

  • The impact of globalisation on consumers, firms and the labour market.
  • The role and effectiveness of the government in the economy.
  • The causes of market failure and whether or not intervention is necessary
  • The role of banks, the financial sector and the legacy of the Global Financial Crisis.

Edexcel Business – Course Description 

Business A-level is suitable for students who want to look specifically at how businesses seek to operate and thrive in the face of rapidly changing markets and economic conditions.

In Year One students will explore:

  • How business leaders make informed choices and develop strategies to meet consumer tastes and preferences within their markets in the UK and overseas.
  • The concept of marketing and consideration of how firms raise and manage finance and manage their resources effectively.
  • The ways in which businesses recruit, train, organise and motivate employees, as well as the role of enterprising individuals and leaders.
  • External influences that have an impact on businesses, including economic and legal factors.

In Year Two students focus on:

  • Developing corporate objectives and strategy using financial and non-financial performance indicators.
  • Recognising the ways in which businesses grow and develop in competitive environments.
  • Analysing the causes and effects of change and how businesses mitigate risk and uncertainty.
  • Investigating businesses that trade on a global scale and explore their reasons for doing so.
  • Understanding the globally competitive environment and the ethical and moral dimensions of global business activities.

The Enriched Curriculum

Our students take responsibility for extending their learning via a range of opportunities, such as; the Young Enterprise Programme, giving them a unique experience of running a business.  The programme successfully provides the opportunity to learn the vital skills needed to earn and look after their money, to develop an enterprising mindset and make a valuable contribution to their communities and the wider society.

The department also runs the ‘Movers and Shakers’ Discussion Group, which is a degree level debate club at lunchtimes for students to explore and challenge ideas and theories which affect our modern life.  This opportunity is very popular with our students who enjoy the ‘cut and thrust’ of debating, alongside developing a broader perspective of the issues we face in society today.

2 Year Curriculum Plan(s)

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