Opening encrypted emails sent from school

Due to GDPR regulations we will be sending some of our more sensitive emails encrypted. Should you receive an encrypted email from the school, below is a step by step guide to opening the email. If you are struggling to open the email, please follow this video. If you are still having trouble and need further help, please call the school’s IT helpdesk on 01422 360272. Our hours are Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.

1. In your inbox you will see an email similar to the image below:

2. Save the attachment (message.html) to your computer and open it:

3. A webpage will open in a new browser window. Click on “Use A One Time Passcode”:

4. Microsoft will email you a passcode. Go back to your other browser window and check your email inbox for a new email from Microsoft. Open it and make a note of the passcode or copy it to your clipboard:

5.  Go back to your other browser window and enter or paste the passcode into the passcode field and press continue:

6. The encrypted email will open and you will be able to open and read as normal. You will also be able to reply to the email: