Transition to Year 7

Huge congratulations to all of you who have secured a place here with us at The Crossley Heath School from September 2021.  We are very excited to begin our transition process with you, your parents/carers and your primary school and look forward to helping you find out all about us so that you feel as confident and comfortable as possible to take the step to your new school.

Our primary aims during your transition are to help you be well prepared, confident and happy to make the most of your time here at Crossley Heath.  In working to achieve those aims we know the importance of you being able to meet and make new friends, feel that you are making good progress and know that you are making positive contributions.

Your Crossley Heath ‘transition journey’ starts now and will gather pace as we move towards the end of the summer term.  Our Y7 Transition website will be updated regularly with specific information about your journey and the exciting events we are planning.  For now, please have a look at some of the information currently available.  This is still relevant to you and your start here with us.

Once again, congratulations on gaining a place here with us, we can’t wait to meet you!

Mr Davis

Year 7 Progress Leader

Please take the time to read our guidance booklet – Preparing Your Child for Secondary School. In addition feel free to browse our website and familiarise yourselves with our school policies including our well-being guidance.

The start of a new school term is always exciting – but when it’s the transition into “big school” – your child’s very first school term, it can feel a little daunting. If you have the time please complete this form as it will help our pastoral team get to better know your child and help with any of those little daunting feelings.

Please take the time to visit our house shop, where once your child has been allocated a house, you will be able to buy house branded merchandise such as school bags, hoodies etc.

If you have any questions or wish to provide us with any information about your child please feel free to contact our Year 7 Progress Leader Mr Davis /