Charity Fundraising

Fundraising for charitable causes is part of everyday life at the School, and students and staff regularly raise in excess of £10,000 each year through a huge range of activities. The money raised goes to help local, national and overseas charities, such as Calderdale Smartmove, Young Minds, Children in Need and WarChild.

The charities which the School supports are chosen each year by the students in School and include:

  • Macmillan Cancer Care
  • The Royal British Legion
  • Linden Brook Children’s Centre
  • The Welcome Centre
  • Young Minds
  • Comic Relief
  • St Augustines Refugee Support
  • Buddy Bag
  • Movember
  • RSPCA Halifax
  • Kirkgate and Overgate Hospices
  • Alzheimers’ Society
  • Mary’s Meals
  • Woodland Trust
  • and support for many small local charities

Many students at the School also make an additional individual commitment to helping those less fortunate than themselves by volunteering within the local community, whether as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award commitment or just in order to enrich their own lives or those of others.

All Houses have their own local charity which instils the importance of community cohesion into students and gives pupils the opportunity to plan and publicise fundraising events together as a team.

Porter House support The Woodland Trust
Savile House support Calderdale Smartmove
Queens House support War Child
Kings House support Young Minds

The fundraising pack from WarChild contains lots of ideas for fundraising activities that students and staff may wish to use.