Report Covid-19 Oct Half-term

Reporting a positive test result for your child over half term

Please note that school is closed for half-term. However, we have a team of staff on stand-by to process reports of positive cases. In the event that your child tests positive over half term please inform us by using this email address only:

In order that we can respond to your notification, please include the following information in your email:

1. your child’s full name and form
2. the date their symptoms started
3. the date of the test
4. the date of the result
5. the date your child was last in school
6. the names (with surnames if possible) of other Crossley Heath students with whom your son/daughter has had close contact outside of lessons (lunchtimes, social contact out of school)
7. the means by which your son or daughter travels to school

This information will, of course, be treated with the utmost sensitivity and your child will only be identified to staff who need to know. Public Health does not require us to pass names or details of children to them.