Locker Update

We would like to apologise regarding the issues with the lockers.  Unfortunately, the company we commissioned has not been able to fulfil our requirements due to manufacturing issues which has resulted in temporary lockers being provided by them which are not up to the standard we have ordered.   We realise this has been upsetting for parents and students and we are working on getting this resolved and are in regular contact with the company about the issues.

The latest update is that the company is still having difficulties receiving their products and, therefore, replacements will arrive in phases over the coming months up to January.  We have given the company notice that should these not arrive by the end of January we will no longer be working with them.

We realise this is not the news you would wish to hear but please bear with us whilst we try to get the correct products in place.  We will inform your child via their school email as replacements arrive so please avoid contacting school to query when this might be.

In the meantime, if anyone wishes a refund from the Locker company, please contact the school reception and give your name and your child’s name to the receptionist so we can compile a list and contact the company for you to arrange this.  Please note that obtaining a refund will mean the locker is re-allocated and you would need to go on the waiting list which is on the school’s website if you require one at a later time.

We hope this clarifies the current position.